Wrapping Up

Another day, another shower. This time we are using Mary Kay and Tony’s hotel room.

Much to my amazement we managed to get all of the skylights installed. Tony crafted a platform for everyone to stand on while hoisting them up. There was one problem – The kitchen window was mismarked (56" instead of 51") so we ended up having to demolish that triangle. That was a chore – it was held in with 3" ring shank nails every three inches around the perimeter plus we already had the bituthene waterproofing (thick rubberized tar adhesive) up which gumed up the sawzall blade. luckily we have a sheet of tongue and groove left over from the subfloor to make a replacement with.

It is supposed to hit record high temperatures tomorrow and Sunday so we are saving the remaining foundation work for then. It is probably going to take most of our day on Sunday to pack up the worksite. Mike and Sara will be dropping off the scaffolding by 5:00 on Saturday since the rental place is closed on Sunday. Because of that we’ll be spending most of the day tomorrow getting the dome watertight. My main concern is to keep the back extension deck dry since we have no roof over it. we have a bunch of building wrap that we can use to cover it as well as other holes.

A Chance to Post

It’s been a crazy week but I finally have a chance to sit down and write. Right now we’re sitting down to a lunch of corn chowder and grilled cheese sandwiches. The dome has 22 more panels left to put on and the front and back extensions still need to be framed. The back is more complicated but it’s foundation is complete, while the front is easier to frame but has no foundation built yet.

Yesterday’s video will be a short one. We took a break in the middle of the day to do laundry and shower. Monday’s video is only half there due to camera error. The video on Sunday is quite a bit larger then normal. Rather then snapping a new picture every 10 seconds, we upped it to every 5 seconds to have a smoother video. We posted the "quick" version (just the dome struts going up) as well as the full days video.

The skylights may be a problem for us. They are a little too big for the three of us to handle by ourselves and we don’t have a ladder long enough for one of them. We will probably leave them out this trip and get Jim Ashe to help us install them later. Since a full panel is installed and then the window opening is cut out from it the dome should remain mostly water tight. We’ll just cut the opening when it’s time to install them.

The foundation is 98% complete. When it gets a little hotter we’ll take a break from putting up the panels and finish up the various braces and strapping under there. The scaffolding needs to be returned on Thursday unless we want to pay for another week’s rental. I may look into purchasing a cheap set since we’ll need some over the next several weekends and again when we finish the inside.

*Update* It’s now 4 hours later and there are 14 more panels left to go. We may attempt assembling the mini cupola (for the "roof" venting at the very top of the dome) before we get the last panels on so we have something to climb on to reach the top.

We have also framed three of the four riser wall openings (about 8′ x 4′.) Since they are on the west side we’ll wait for the morning before putting up the plywood sheathing on them. We also need to cover the top two feet of the foundation with plywood as well.

That’s it for now. We can hear Mike’s Mom and stepfather pulling up our driveway. They will be here helping for the remainder of the week and will come home with us to Seattle on Sunday.