Back Extension Sheathed

The back extension took two weekends longer to build then I originally thought, but it’s finally finished (well, the rough work that is.) I’m still glad we went with the hip roof because it meshes better with the dome then a gable roof would. It will also protect the back door from the elements (southern exposure) more then a gable roof would because of the lower overhang.


In the race to beat the rainy season we have a bunch more steps that need to be completed:

  • Build and sheath the front extension (should be quicker then the back)
  • Install the remaining windows and skylights
  • Enclose the foundation and apply the waterproof membrane and drainage
  • Lay the perimeter drain tubes and backfill with gravel and dirt (we are having Jim Ashe (the excavator) do this step)
  • Rent a manlift and bring in Allan, our dome roofer, to install the shingles
  • Put up siding

Once all of those steps are done we can relax for a bit and take our time with the inside work.


Next weekend we will start tackling the front extension. It has permanent wood foundation walls (pre-built) like the rest of the dome has. We have to level and position those two wall sections and build the subfloor. The decking will be built with all treated lumber since the front will be exposed to the elements. We may screen it in sometime in the future. I’m guessing we’ll only be able to finish the subfloor, but if it goes quick we can start making the short walls that will support the extension arches.