Entry Wall

After being lazy and taking off TWO weekends (Oct 26th and Nov 9th) out of the past twenty some, we built the front entry wall. There isn’t too much to say: it’s a wall, it’s made from 2x8s, it has a hole for a door, and it was complicated to cut all of the needed angles. Next we can put in the doors and lock the place up when we leave!


We had purchased a bunch of corrugated flexible pipe for the drain tile around the perimeter. Some of it was perforated (for drainage around the house) and half was solid (to carry the water away from the house to a drainage pit.) We noticed the piece of pipe sticking out of the ground to the left of the entry wasn’t perforated. I’m crossing my fingers that it is just a small extension piece to T into the solid pipe for the drainage, but I have a sinking feeling that our contractor may have buried a long length of solid pipe along the perimeter that will need to be dug back up. Luckily none of the soil has been backfilled, just gravel so far.

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