Where are the updates?!?!

People have asked why there have been no new pictures and text posted in awhile. The answer is not that we haven’t been working, but that the work is tedious and not very “showy”. The insulation triangles have to be carefully fitted and fluffed out to leave no gaps where air could infiltrate. The vapor barrier over the insulation needs every seam and hole taped. The seams for the vapor barrier aren’t nice straight edges either. When you put square sheets of plastic on the rounded shell you have excess that needs to be folded over. Those folds then need to be taped as if they were seams to prevent moist air from sneaking behind the folds into the insulation. It’s hard to describe so I’ll try to dig up some pictures. The end result is the last couple of months of posts and pictures would be very repetitive.


The good news is that we are almost done with it! It should just take one more weekend to put vapor barrier on the skylights. We will then be returning to the more “sexy” carpentry work and the posts and pictures will pick up as we have something worthwhile to show.


We do have some progress to show: a new back wall! The remaining vapor barrier work is a one-man job so Mike and Sara built the back wall this previous visit. Even though it’s an inside wall we built it with 2x8s to fit extra insulation since the back room will not be heated.


This coming memorial day weekend Mike and Sara will start laying down an additional layer of 1/2″ plywood over the existing 3/4″ subfloor. This will make the floors nice and stiff for tiling later. It will also help with the problem of pictures rattling on the walls when someone jumps on the floor that so many new houses seem to have with their lightweight building methods/materials. While they are doing that I’ll be finishing up the vapor barrier.

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