We struck water!

We didn’t go to the dome this weekend, but here is the update for the last one. We packed up and left Thursday night so we would be ready for the insulation/vapor barrier inspection on Friday. We had about an hour or two worth of work to do before the inspector came. Since he could come any time on Friday (and they start work at 7 AM) we finished it up late on Thursday. He ended up getting there a little after noon on Friday, and while we passed the insulation/vapor barrier, we found out that our wood paneling isn’t thick enough for fire code (which requires 3/4 of an inch. The paneling is only 1/2″.) The easiest way of remedying this is to staple up some fireproof “paper” over the vapor barrier. That is going to take another two trips to install.


On Saturday we installed a hand pump on our well. We had to feed the pipe assembly down by hand as we installed each nine foot piece of piping and sucker rod. While it’s only 150 feet to the water level we installed 220 feet worth of pipe. That way we don’t have to add any pipe in the future if the water level changes or we use a lot of water at one time (the well only produces 4 gallons per minute.) The depth of the well is 350′ so we will probably install the electric pump even lower then the manual one. The pump seems to work great. We probably get about 1 cup of water per pump stroke. It takes about 20 or so pumps to get it started since it drains about 4-5 feet worth of water from the pipe to prevent freezing. We didn’t get to drink any of it yet – we had to pour bleach down the well to kill any organisms we introduced with the pipe assembly. We’ll find out next weekend how it tastes.


The rest of Saturday and Sunday Mike and Sara worked on cutting and stacking firewood. They made a dent in the big pile of logs next to the garden area but it will take many more days of work to chop them up completely. I worked on creating some in-wall shelving in what will be the back of Mike and Sara’s closet. Behind their closet is about a food of dead space formed when we framed in part of the arch opening that sticks out into the back room. It was harder then it normally would be since I had to frame in some room for insulation since we will be leaving the back room unheated.


The fire proof paper didn’t arrive in time for us to visit the dome this weekend, but I got a call today from Arrow Lumber saying it arrived, so we’ll be there next weekend.

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