Floors & a toilet

Neil preparing the back extension floor for linoleum.


Sara spreading adhesive for the cork flooring in our bedroom.


Bedroom cork floor


Picture break after setting up the solar panel pole after some digging and rebar installation before a concrete pour.


Neil’s bedroom cork floor


Sara painting the front steps


Tile installation in the front entry & stove area


The septic drain field…

IMG_1120 (1280x960)

… and the now buried septic tanks – and pump electrical components (our sandy soil requires using a pump)

IMG_1146 (1280x960)

We tiled and side a small porch by the front door – we still have to tile the rest of the front porch.

IMG_1154 (960x1280)

Inside completed tile

IMG_1156 (1280x960)

The ‘Kitchen Queen’ – our fire stove/oven

IMG_1213 (1280x960)

Nachos – our first dome stove cooked meal!

IMG_1221 (1280x960)

A bed!  WAY more comfortable than a (slowly deflating) air mattress!


Thanksgiving dinner in/on the Kitchen Queen.  The Brussels sprouts were the best I’ve ever had – picked earlier in the day from our garden at home in Kirkland.


And we can finally make use of the septic system – we have a (partially) working toilet.  (no running water quite yet…)


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