Water & Power

We had some bad luck early this year – our secondary septic tank popped up out of the ground (saturated soil + an empty tank)

IMG_1347 (3500x2625)

IMG_1355 (3500x2625)

Staining bathroom and panty cabinets

IMG_1359 (3500x2625)

The first room with completed trim – the bathroom.  On the left is the instant water heater.

IMG_1370 (3500x2625)

IMG_1372 (3500x2625)

The septic tank re-buried – with a boulder to hold it down for good.

IMG_1381 (3500x2625)

The well pump just before we started lowering it.

IMG_1490 (2625x3500)

IMG_1492 (3500x2625)

Running water!


We finished most of the upstairs bamboo floor.

IMG_1585 (3500x2625)IMG_1589 (3500x2625)

Hooking up the water

IMG_1636 (3648x2736)IMG_1641 (3648x2736)

Power!  Each battery weighs 300 pounds!

IMG_1595 (3500x2625)IMG_1846

The view from the scaffolding we’re using to setup the solar panels.


Solar panel frame assembly


Our first completed cabinets – already full!


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