Snowy and Insulating

Lots of snow following by lots of rain caused major flooding and mudslides in the Big Bottom Valley We were fine – except having to snowshoe to the dome.   Four trees down along the driveway, four within a few feet of the dome.  The tops of two grazed the dome – but there wasn’t… Continue reading Snowy and Insulating

Wrapping Up

Another day, another shower. This time we are using Mary Kay and Tony’s hotel room. Much to my amazement we managed to get all of the skylights installed. Tony crafted a platform for everyone to stand on while hoisting them up. There was one problem – The kitchen window was mismarked (56" instead of 51")… Continue reading Wrapping Up

Dome Frame Raising Video

A short video showing the frame going up – it took about 4 1/2 hours. (video no longer available – full day video here)